PhenQ Negative Reviews & Complaints Hidden from Google Ass!

PhenQ Negative reviews : Truth about PhenQ diet pills fooling potential customers and Google

Let’s make it very clear at the very first outset. PhenQ is NOT the best diet/weight loss pill for Indians or for others.

Phenq complaints and negative reviews

Just read the negative real user reviews below from various discussion/feedback boards online
But before that please read some important Facts.
Why Google results rank PhenQ as the best pill for 2023?

All those articles in newspapers /news portals that rank Phen Q as number one are paid advertorials. Read them again, you’ll find “sponsored” at the top. 

Google is showing you all sponsored advertorials by PhenQ sellers which rank PhenQ as the best diet pill among others. They have hijacked google!

Is PhenQ really best diet pill in 2023? No, Definitely not.
If you are little smart, you will agree with us.

PhenQ sellers are spending heavily on media advertisements. All those articles in news portals shown by Google are “Sponsered” by sellers/ affiliates who get hefty percentage of commissions on all the sales.
PhenQ sellers have successfully managed to fool desperate people to think that PhenQ is best diet pill, that too by dominating google. 

Using all the mainstream news portals – Hindu, Firstpost, Deccan herald, ndtv, they have achieved this. 

Phenq fake reviews on google
PhenQ fake reviews that appear on Google result!


PhenQ Negative User Reviews

We have just copy-pasted publicly available user reviews from amazon, reddit, Trustpilot, quora etc.

“It's a scam! Don't buy it!

It's a huge red flag, that the only information you can find on this product are fake reviews that always have an affiliate link to it. Most weight loss pills don't work and are more likely to be harmful than helpful.

If you can't lose weight on your own, ask your doctor and they'll be able to give you advice or prescribe you legitimate and working medicine.”

“The PHENQ Guarantee Scam

1.    They will request photos of the serial number and then send you an RMA requesting you to return the product by registered post. 2. PHENQ will claim they received the package and that it has been opened when they receive it and then proceed to inform you that you will not be reimbursed. 3.When you contact PHENQ they will then inform you that you did not return the product in time even though you have the date of purchase and their email confirming it was returned within the 60 days.

2.    PHENQ will then proceed to tell you they are not reimbursing you because the weight was not correct on the return package. 5.When you request the return of the package they will then inform you that they destroyed the package. AVOID THIS DISHONEST COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.”

“Advertised product bottle has white cap, delivered product has blue.
Advertised pills are white with blue spots delivered product has fully red pills.
Getting the feeling that shining India has produced a good fake as always.”

“Not trustworthy , don’t waste money on such a useless medicine , spoil ur health and money too”
“The product does not look like it was advertised. The pills are Red instead of it being white with blue specks. I am not sure what it is. The lid doesn't sit right and even when it was delivered, the lid had fallen off. I want a refund”

“The medicine has spice on it and colored red. Gives me upset stomach”

“This product creates bloating with no weight loss. I have used an entire bottle with no results. Not a useful weight loss pill.”

“Bad Product.No one should use this product. I use it upto 3 months but no results. please mind it”


“I made payment for my order, and now 8 days since, I have had absolutely no feedback despite numerous emails requesting the status of my order.

07.03: Now 2 weeks since I made payment, and still no communication on the status of my order” Date of experience: February 21, 2023”

“complete waste of time and money, actually I have put weight on, my bowel movements were effected, really had high hopes for this, but what a let down”

“sorry but I bought 3 months of this and found it DID ABSOLUTELY did nothing to increase the speed of my weight loss I did NOT have craving controls....if you want to throw your money away at least give it to the poor and hungry, biggest waste of time and money. And yes I work out 5 times a week for 2+ hrs a day.....GARBAGE and I got zero dollars back”

“I Bought this because I saw that even universities were supporting its effectiveness. I’ve been taking it for a few weeks and even increased my workouts and total calories burned. I counted calories and did everything right. I actually ended up gaining a few pounds after starting this stuff. As far as I can tell, it seems to simply be a caffeine pill. I sleep only 5-6 hours now. I’m rarely tired but at the same time I end up eating late into the night since I can’t sleep. These pills haven’t helped me at all.” Date of experience: February 16, 2023

“I bought PhenQ and it tasted terrible. Undrinkable, like the worst medicine. Your taste buds may vary so don’t take my opinion to mean much. BUT, the company’s “100% guarantee” isn’t what it appears to be so purchase with caution. After scrutinizing their website I found the email to request return instructions, then the game started. I stuck at it just to see where it would end up. “Ajit” was the customer support person who responded, one email a day. The first day he wanted to know why I wanted to return the shakes. Fair enough, they taste disgusting. The second day he wanted me to send a picture of the shakes. 

Fair enough, maybe I’m lying to him and wasting his time. Third day he wanted to know how many containers I was sending and if any of them are open. Well, the 2 containers in the picture yesterday and one is open which is how I know it is disgusting. I was ghosted on the fourth and fifth day. On the sixth day he sent the return instructions, an address in Maine that required that the return authorization code be on the label for safety reasons. OK. Also, they don’t pay return shipping. Also, there are mixed messages if the refund applies only to unopened canisters so we’ll see how that works. Figure out for yourself how you can taste the product before opening it. Delivery tracking is recommended because they can’t be held liable for items “lost in the mail.” 

So, let me just say take the “100% guarantee” as something of an illusory promise that comes with the conditions above and consider yourself forewarned if you do not like the disgusting taste of the product. Also, the delivery time was certainly not speedy.” Date of experience: February 20, 2023.
“It’s a fraud. It’s totally fake advertising for 60 days guaranteed money back. They give money back just to unopened bottles and I have no idea that is possible to try these products without opening the bottle. If I want to put it simple: they milk you”

“Absolutely the worst customer service. 

Absolutely the worst customer service . No idea about the efficacy , but the marketing executive was rude on the phone . I wanted to cancel my order , they downright refused , saying it has been shipped . This was within 24 hrs of ordering . When I sent them a screenshot of bluedart page , showing shipment not yet done , they still refused to cancel . Total scam. PS This is for the Indian site” Date of experience: January 13, 2023

“This is just pure snake oil. This is just our snake oil. I purchased PhenQ in 2020, so the convenient Covid delay excuse won’t work. It took over a month, the insulting responses I received were hilarious, every excuse known to man, it was like dealing a teen who says their dog ate their homework. This stuff does not work. Not even as a placebo does it work. This is pure snake oil, do not purchase this product, you’re better getting those useless fat burners from Amazon, at least you won’t be out 200$ for a scam product, by a scam company.” Date of experience: December 07, 2022

“Complete nightmare. 

Complete nightmare to deal with. Please read reviews, I did and choose to ignore them, I really wish I hadn’t. The product doesn’t work, caused me to eat more than I’ve ever done before. Then finally after several t attempts managed to return the goods for a so called refund which hasn’t happened and I keep getting fobbed off. Its a really rubbish experience stay away and try something else.

What they fail to mention in their reply is the contact number is a New York for UK customers and they failed to mentioned the items were returned and I’ve provided proof of postage and the RMA number they supplied which their customer service teams continue to ignore. It’s a scam stay away, I will now need to start legal action to recover my monies”. Date of experience: January 19, 2023

Complaints against PhenQ Shake

“Taste awful and makes me sick. I just purchased the vanilla and strawberry cream shake mix. They both taste bad. They actually taste like the stuff you have to drink for an mri for your stomach. I tried it with water and I tried it with milk. I’m going to try and finish them but it won’t be easy. They make me feel sick, and they don’t make me feel full. Waste of money. I might just send them back and I definitely won’t buy again. Update they sent me an email telling me to go on there refund website which I did. Boy, what a surprise. 

Although you can return it. It's only if you haven’t opened it. Excuse me how are you going to know that you don’t like the taste if you don’t open it. SMH” Date of experience: January 02, 2023

“Purchase three bottles of the diet…Purchase three bottles of the diet supplement phenq... Total waste of money. It claims to curb appetite. Speed up metabolism. Provide energy for easier weight loss. Quicker weight loss. Did not. I repeat did not curb my appetite. As a matter of fact, 20 minutes after taking the pills. I'm famished completely starving with stomach growling and everything useless pill. Waste of money do not recommend great if it worked for you. It did not work for me and this is my experience with every weight loss supplement I have ever purchased. It's a trap.” Date of experience: October 31, 2022
“I only needed to lose 12lbs

I only needed to lose 12lbs. So I thought I'd try PhenQ. I work out 4 times a week; Zumba, Boxercise, Weight-training, Step aerobic, weight lifting. Plus I walk to work every day, 30 mins, brisk walking. My diet isn't perfect, but I do focus on high protein and fruit. I drink alcohol socially, so that is maybe once or week or less. After the first week on PhenQ I put on 2lbs! I was so shocked that I emailed customer service. 

Their response was are you doing enough exercise? I asked if they had actually read my email or just sent an automated response? I had explained my exercise regime in the first paragraph. I decided to continue anyway. All I can say is that I have lost the 2lbs that I gained in the first instance. I am very active and I eat healthily. This product is expensive, I expected some success. But I guess the reviews say it all. I am very disappointed.” Date of experience: January 21, 2023

Are there any positive user feedback on PhenQ online? : Caution 

Yes, there are. But Negative feedbacks outweigh positive ones. And we do not know if the positive feedback is again self-given by phenq sellers. And why won’t they do it?

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